Art Collection

The Art Collection at Hotel Bosnali:

A Canvas of Imagination and Excellence A Symphony of Creativity, Curated by Passion

Hotel Bosnali takes pleasure in celebrating art that transcends boundaries, kindles inspiration, and resonates with emotions. Welcome to our Art Collection, a living gallery that harmonizes the past with the present and the real with the ethereal.
Artists in Residence Our Artists Residency Program stands as a testament to our commitment to artistic excellence. We invite gifted artists from around the world to spend time at our hotel, absorbing the unique ambiance and creating masterpieces that become part of our exclusive collection.

A Personal Endorsement Each piece within our Art Collection is more than a mere artifact; it’s an experience, a story, a journey.Onur Ergezer, the curator of this collection, personally endorses each artist and artwork, ensuring that every creation resonates with authenticity, creativity, and brilliance.

Purchase a Masterpiece We extend an invitation to art enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers to acquire these unique creations. Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and a legacy of excellence.

The Gallery Our hotel is adorned with artwork that weaves together diverse styles, mediums, and expressions. From sculptures to paintings, from abstract to realistic, our gallery is a vibrant space of discovery and appreciation.

Supporting Emerging Talent Through regular exhibitions, showcases, and private viewings, we provide a platform for emerging artists to shine. Our belief in nurturing talent fuels our desire to present art that challenges, inspires, and endures.

Visit Our Gallery Whether you desire to own a masterpiece, explore the world of art, or simply immerse in creativity, we invite you to visit our gallery. It’s not just a space; it’s a celebration of human imagination.

Hotel Bosnalı Artist Residency Program: A Canvas for Creativity

At Hotel Bosnalı, we believe in nurturing creativity and providing an inspiring environment for original thinkers. Our Artist Residency program is an extension of this philosophy, inviting talented artists to explore, innovate, and create within our elegant surroundings.

Introducing Eda Dikel Akdoğan: A New Chapter in Artistic Exploration

Our inaugural artist-in-residence, Eda Dikel Akdoğan, encapsulates the spirit of our program. Her talent is showcased through a video, capturing her crafting magic on canvas as she explores various locations within and around our hotel. The first piece of a remarkable collection, her work echoes our ethos of fusion between history, masculinity, and modernity.

The Residency Experience: Where Innovation Meets Tradition
The Hotel Bosnalı Artist Residency is more than a space to create; it’s a holistic experience that celebrates originality. Artists are provided with an atmosphere where creativity flows, surrounded by antique collections, classical architecture, and the vibrant energy of Adana.

The program includes:

Personalized Studio Space:
An inspiring workspace tailored to the artist’s needs.

Artistic Collaboration:
Opportunities to collaborate with fellow artists and engage with guests.

Showcase Events: Regular exhibitions and opportunities to showcase work to art enthusiasts and collectors.
Integration with Hotel Amenities: Access to our library, gourmet cuisine, and relaxation areas to stimulate creativity.

Join Our Legacy
We invite artists from diverse backgrounds to apply to our Artist Residency program. Join us in crafting a legacy that resonates with authenticity, quality, and true self-expression.

Applications are open to all, regardless of medium or style. If you are an artist seeking a unique opportunity to grow and thrive, we welcome you to apply.



Bosnian Salih Efendi builds a mansion by the Seyhan River. Legacy begins.


Catastrophic flood sweeps Adana; the mansion's sturdy walls stand tall.


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Celal Bayar grace the mansion. History is written.


Salih Efendi, "father of the poor," passes. City mourns; legend lives on.


Mansion's owners partner with Sabancı Family. "Bossa" born. City prospers.


Halil Avcı acquires the mansion. Restoration breathes life into history.


Esteemed "Special Class" certification achieved. Excellence recognized.


President Abdullah Gül's visit. A certificate of appreciation. Commitment honored.


Global pandemic halts operations. Silence descends; history waits.


Onur Ergezer takes the helm. Visionary restoration. Adana's sole S-Class historic hotel reopens.


Now - A private sanctuary. High wooden ceilings, thick walls, and rare antiques. Big tables, big plates; food shared with a crowd. Cigars, wines, signature cocktails. Art, elegance, tradition, and modernity. A legacy not just preserved but lived.