Why us

Hotel Bosnalı is not a standard hotel; it’s Adana’s living history by the flowing Seyhan. Wooden ceilings high and mighty, floors that crack with memory, walls thick and steadfast. Structure crooked but safe, a testament to time.

Rooms offer more than sleep; they offer a view into Taşköprü, reflection, legacy. Antique treasures, each a story. Cigars, fine wines, crafted cocktails for connoisseurs. Special events that bind people, big tables, food as celebration, the essence of community.

This isn’t mere dining; it’s a culinary journey blending Adana’s roots with modern flair. A library not just of books but of wisdom, art as soul’s expression, not mere adornment.

Here, you’ll find no standard offerings. We curate experiences, pioneer tourism, unlock a city’s rich culture.

We believe in more than accommodation; we offer an encounter with Adana’s heart, something grander, something transcendent.

Standard hotels house guests; Hotel Bosnalı welcomes travelers, explorers, seekers.

It’s not about walls and beds; it’s about a city, its heritage, you.

Join us. Write the next chapter with us. Explore, feel, become a part of something more.


Antique Collection

A Timeless Collection: Antiques at Hotel Bosnali Discover a Treasure Trove of History, Artistry, and Culture ...


Art Collection

The Art Collection at Hotel Bosnali: A Canvas of Imagination and Excellence A Symphony of Creativity, ...



134 Years of Timeless Elegance: Our historic mansion, once home to Adana’s prominent figure Salih Bosna, boasts over a century of legacy, blending history with modern comfort...



Bosnian Salih Efendi builds a mansion by the Seyhan River. Legacy begins.


Catastrophic flood sweeps Adana; the mansion's sturdy walls stand tall.


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Celal Bayar grace the mansion. History is written.


Salih Efendi, "father of the poor," passes. City mourns; legend lives on.


Mansion's owners partner with Sabancı Family. "Bossa" born. City prospers.


Halil Avcı acquires the mansion. Restoration breathes life into history.


Esteemed "Special Class" certification achieved. Excellence recognized.


President Abdullah Gül's visit. A certificate of appreciation. Commitment honored.


Global pandemic halts operations. Silence descends; history waits.


Onur Ergezer takes the helm. Visionary restoration. Adana's sole S-Class historic hotel reopens.


Now - A private sanctuary. High wooden ceilings, thick walls, and rare antiques. Big tables, big plates; food shared with a crowd. Cigars, wines, signature cocktails. Art, elegance, tradition, and modernity. A legacy not just preserved but lived.